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Scholarship Winners

The Inside Institute of Filmmaking offers a prestigious scholarship program designed to reward students for their academic performance, competition participation, exemplary behavior, and high assignment marks. A scholarship test is conducted to select deserving candidates. This scholarship provides a 30% fee waiver and is available for every batch. Our program recognizes and supports outstanding students, encouraging them to continue their pursuit of excellence and dedication.

More than Rs.3,50,000/- Awarded

Year 2023

Year 2022

Year 2021

In Inside Institute of filmmaking we strongly believe that financial issues must not be a hurdle for any student Persuing his/her education. So we provide talented and brilliant students with scholarships which allows them to waive off up to 50% of their course fee. The scholarship is provided on the basis of a student's academic performance, his/her Behaviour and scholarship test. Until now we have given scholarships more than 3 Lakhs to VFX & filmmaking students who have outshined in their course.


Scholarship Program

Points to be kept in mind (100 Points)


  • Weekly Assignment completion (60 points)

    • 3 assignments/work must be completed & handed to respective mentors.

      • Assignment 1 : Class Assignment

      • Assignment 2 : Self assignment

      • Assignment 3 : Mentor assignment​

    • Failure to complete the above assignments in consecutive two weeks or total 4 weeks in 6 months duration will lead to cancellation of scholarship eligibility.

    • Failure to complete 4 weeks assignments in 6 months duration will lead to a drop in final grade.

    • Failure to complete 6 weeks assignments in 6 months duration will lead to a two grade drop in final grade.

    • Failure to complete 8 or more weeks assignments in 6 months will lead to D grade in final grade. Also, in this case the student is revoked of any right to assistance of a job by the institute.

  • Behavior (5 points)

  • Attendance (5 points)

  • Events performance (5 points per event, best 3 event performance)

  • Scholarship test (15 points)

Criteria & Rewards

  • Below 80 points (No benefits)
  • 80-90 points (10% fees waive off, 25% off on merchandise until course)

  • 90-95 (25% fees waive off & 3 months unpaid internship)

  • Above 95 points (50% fees waive off & 6 months paid internship)​

  • Points to be noted :

    • The student must perform all assignments given to them after being awarded the scholarship. A failure to do so may lead to cancellation of the scholarship.

    • The institute reserves all rights to cancel the scholarship with or without any prior notice or reason.

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