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Welcome to the Inside Institute of Filmmaking, founded by acclaimed filmmaker, VFX director Akhil Kumar Yadav (InsideAKY) & Photographer & Filmmaker Deepika (Insight Keti). We are dedicated to nurturing the next generation of storytellers with hands-on training in filmmaking, VFX, and color grading. Our state-of-the-art facilities and experienced faculty provide a dynamic environment for students to explore their creativity and develop essential skills. Join us and be part of a vibrant community where innovation and collaboration thrive.

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AKY has been working in this field since 2014. He has experience in the field of VFX direction , Film direction , Cinematography and Acting. His experience proves to be very helpful for the students. His enthusiasm towards his work makes him work passionately towards his goals, and the same energy is  passed onto his students through teaching. He has worked on multiple projects in the Punjabi music industry and Bollywood like Nehu Da Vyah by Neha Kakkar, Jatt Te Jawani by Dilpreet Dhillon, Old Skool by Sidhu Moosewala, Shanti Shanti by Milind Gaba and many more. Apart from this, he has done several short films like :


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Insight Keti has experience of 3 years in the field of film production & management. She along with AKY designed the syllabus for the students to give best practical knowledge and create a productive learning experience for them. Her new creative ideas and positive outlook towards life helps in organising fun activities for the students to make their learning experience even more interesting. She also has included several personality enhancement programs like the mentorship program in the course to develop the individual personality of each artist.


Inside Institute of Filmmaking, established in October, 2019 is a Film Making, Video Editing, Visual Effects, Photography & Photo Editing Institute situated in Sector-11, Panchkula, Haryana. The main aim of our institute is to utilise and enhance the creative potential of artists & provide them practical experience through real life projects.

One of our motives behind starting this Institute is to improve the quality of
education in the field of film production and to help upcoming artists to
develop their own creative style.

Our teachers have practical experience in the field of photography, video
editing and VFX of more than 6 years. The students receive empirical
knowledge from the teachers’ personal experiences. The courses are
designed in such a way that the students receive practical knowledge
through collaborative projects.

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Our aim is to create a better future by providing a constructive environment. The teaching methods also include practical experience and exposure. The courses are designed in such a way that it not only helps in polishing the individuality of the student but also helps them in adjusting and flourishing as a team.

Our institute provides quality education through courses in filmmaking, video editing, photography and VFX in North India.


Our vision at Inside Institute of Filmmaking is to develop a productive and
creative environment. We focus on the practical experience so that the
students can grow further and excel in the industry. They learn to handle
and manage things, situations and challenges here. In order to turn our
vision into reality we believe in moving forwards collectively as a team.
Students' strength and capabilities are enhanced to such a level that they
can flourish.

The best part about Inside Institute is that we frequently organise workshops to enhance skills and overall personality of the students. It not only helps them in performing better in a team, but also boosts their individual growth and project management skills which is important in the film industry.

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Meet the Team

We are thrilled to spotlight Himani.As the go-to person for student queries, academic guidance, and event updates, Himani seamlessly navigates the complexities of our academic environment. Her guiding and understanding nature helps the students throughout their course. Her good communication skills build a strong link between the students, teachers and the parents

Administrator & Student Manager : Himani


Student's Counsellor : Priya

Meet the friendly voice behind our seamless admissions process Ms. Priya. As your go-to guide, she navigates your queries with expertise and offers personalized counseling, ensuring your journey with us begins effortlessly. Welcome to a smooth start with Ms. Priya by your side!

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