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Inside Institute
of Filmmaking


Red camera workshop along with lighting workshop is held in Inside Institute of Filmmaking once in a year. Students participates actively in these workshops. The workshop is very helpful to students as it allows student to get familiar to various aspects of Film Production. The purpose of these workshop is to provide students with the knowledge of how to operate and maintain industry level equipment as well as prepare them for their upcoming projects for their career advancement. As a part of our previous workshop, light men and other people shared their experience with students. Students also used the film equipment practically. These workshops are held once or twice every year.

Red Camera Workshop


Not only theory and practical, students need an insight of real experience stories and challenges faced in the filmmaking field. This is the main reason to conduct teacher’s workshops at our institute regularly. These are interactive sessions between students and teachers. These workshops are designed to allow teachers to share their own work journey in this industry based on their experiences, and to help students minimize or eliminate the challenges they faced in their own journey. Workshops are meant to clarify students’ doubt they can’t ask in the classroom regarding career choices, job opportunities and the film industry. Filmmaking is a vast field so students often get confused. Through these workshops they can learn different aspects of the Filmmaking field.



Educational trips are organised once or twice a year for the students. The students explore new environments and cultures. In the field of Filmmaking, the students should have knowledge about different things and culture. These trips help them explore and learn new possibilities which eventually helps them in their creative outlet and work. 


We believe that, we learn things better by participating in real-life experiences rather than by just learning in the classroom. For this reason, we provide every student with an opportunity to participate in shoots, whether they are assignments related or company’s commercial shoot, our students get practical experience of all kinds. In our views, field experiences are the best way for students to learn professionally and improve their skills. We assign different roles (Script Writing, Production management, VFX artist, Video editor, DOP and many more) to the students so that that get hands-on experience in all areas of filmmaking. These practical sessions provide students with a chance to hone their skills and apply what they have learned in classes.

Practical Shoots


At the beginning of the course we conduct a student orientation where we introduce our institute’s rules, culture, history and introduce them to the staff. We also conduct various activities that allow teachers and students to get to know each other better. Through this orientation we try to give a glimpse of our Institute’s work ethics and make the students comfortable.


After course completion, students are awarded with course completion certificate along with grades according to their performance throughout the course. Students are additionally awarded with appreciation letter. Also a farewell is held where junior batch and institute staff give a short party and give the seniors their best wishes for a bright future ahead.


In Inside institute we organize Competitions for  students once or twice a month. The students are allowed to participate in a team or as an individual. The competitions are designed in such a way that it compliments them in their course and the syllabus. Even the competitions also helps students in Scholarship program.

Award winners
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