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  • What are the courses that we provide?
    We provide both online and offline courses. We provide 5 offline courses i.e. Advanced Video editing, VFX, Photography and Photo Editing , Filmmaking, Advanced Filmmaking and VFX. We provide 3 online courses i.e. Photo Editing, Video Editing and Visual Effects.
  • What is the difference between online and offline courses ?
    There is no major difference between online and offline courses. Mostly all the syllabus is same. The only difference is that in the Online course the students do not get any practical experience. Inorder to overcome this, we provide the students with the pre-shot photos and videos for practice in the online course.
  • What is the procedure to join offline and online courses?
    Procedure to join our courses for both online and offline is very simple 1. You can fill a form online on our offical website. 2. Our team will call you and explain all the documents and other formal requirements for the the registration process. 3. You can also call us or WhatsApp us on the mobile numbers given on our website i.e. 7973915649 and 7973915679
  • Do we provide software for editing courses?
    No, we do not provide any software for the editing courses. Students have to buy their own monthly package from the official websites. We can assist you in downloading and installing the softwares.
  • What are the Equipments and Softwares required for the courses?
    The equipments required for the courses are as follows : •Students need to have their own laptop or computer for practice. •For students enrolled in photography and filmmaking courses, a basic DSLR camera is required. For online courses students must have high speed internet •Advanced Photo Editing : Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom. •Advanced Video Editing : Adobe Premiere Pro and DaVinci Resolve. •Advanced Visual Effects : Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, •Blender, DaVinci Resolve, Adobe Effects Plugins. • Filmmaking : Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Adobe •Audition, DaVinci Resolve, Blender, After Effects Plugins. •Advanced Filmmaking : Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, •Adobe Audition, DaVinci Resolve, Blender, After Effects Plugins. •For online courses students must have a high speed internet.
  • Do we provide equipments during the course?
    We provide DSLR cameras and LED lights for shooting and practice. But the students have to arrange their own laptops for practice, as we do not provide any computer or laptop for the practice.
  • Do we provide any accommodation?
    No, we do not provide accommodation but we can help students by providing them some links to nearby PG services.
  • Do we provide jobs after the courses?
    If the student excels in his or her course then we do provide freelance work, part time job and full time job based on their skills and creative talent. Job is not guaranteed to every student. It depends on the skills that the student has acquired during the course. We do assist students in creating a professional portfolio which they can showcase in any studio to apply for a job.
  • Do we provide Internships?
    Yes, we do provide internships to the students. When the students finish their course, they are provided with an internship of 2 months. For others (outsiders), the internship batch starts after every 6 months. We provide internships in four categories i.e. Cinematography, Photo Editing / Graphics, Video Editing and Visual Effects. To get the latest updates of upcoming internships you may visit our website, home page and stay connected on our Instagram page as we post the updates for the internship on our Instagram stories.
  • When does the Registration for the new batch start?
    Registrations for a new batch of a course usually open after 2-3 months. The registration for a batch of filmmaking is open twice a year. The registrations for other courses is open for usually 3 to 4 times per year. New batch starts every month or every 2 months. For more updates, visit our website and Instagram page.
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