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Music Videos Covers
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Short Films
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Institute Videos

Have a look at our Courses

For web video editing.jpg

Video Editing

This course provides you with the skill that will help you create professional and industry standard videos. You get the know-how of pro video editing.

vfx web.jpg

Visual Effects

This course provides you with the skill that gives you the power to create magical effects. Join now & become a Pro - VFX artist.

Outdoor (5)_edited.jpg

Film Production

Learn the art of professional Filmmaking. This course covers the techniques of camera, light and Production Management. Join this course & become a Pro Filmmaker.

Sidhu CLONE Old Skool Inside Motion Pict.jpg

Advanced VFX

From VFX Compositing to CGI. This course covers it all. From basic masking to advanced 3d Compositing, become a master of the VFX game.

Filmmaking manipulation Inside Motion Pi.jpg

Film Making

Filmmaking is an art that gives you the power to create visuals and sounds that gives to the power to tell stories and create an impact.

sky (1).jpg

Advanced VFX

& Filmmaking

This course provides a complete knowledge of the pre-production and post-production process
i.e. From Direction to Video editing/Vfx, it covers all aspects of Filmmaking. 

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